In our blog, we share ideas about simulation, modeling, software delivery, systems analysis, and systems design. For information specific to the Software Delivery Simulator, consider taking a look at the video tutorials and white papers.

Getting started with functional modeling for system specifications

Function modeling is a part of any multi-faceted modeling approach and can facilitate analysis, discovery, and design.

Enterprise modeling: why a bottom-up, distributed approach works

It’s now easier than ever to develop a distributed, decentralized, bottom-up strategy for enterprise modeling and simulation.

Cross-organization collaboration in software supply chains

As the software landscape proves increasingly competitive, one avenue for sustainable innovation and competitive advantage is value chain innovations.

Software delivery and the six thinking hats

The “Six Thinking Hats” can be used to generate valuable insights and trigger worthwhile changes within the software application delivery process.

Customized software development at a rapid pace

How can a tailored solution be sold to customers, while the organization produces those solutions at scale, and at a low cost?

How much do software supply chain decisions really cost?

By switching focus away from optimized lowest-cost software production, we get closer to the end goal - successful customer outcomes.

Scope and complexity in software delivery

With so many actors, perspectives, processes, and so forth, how can we truly understand our software delivery systems?

An overview of value stream mapping

Value Stream Mapping is a valuable visual tool to see and understand the flow of ideas, code, artifacts, and assets.

Model- and simulation-based software delivery

A model-based approach to software delivery provides a foundation, a start, to a holistic conceptualization of the software development organization.

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