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The most important probability distributions for business process simulation

A crucial step in business process simulation is selecting probability distributions to represent simulation inputs.

Closing the loop - simulation validation in software delivery

Before a simulation is permitted to direct organizational decision-making, a validation phase must be performed to “close the loop.”

The complementary nature of probability and statistics in simulation engineering

Simulation professionals need to be fully aware of the nuances of both probability and statistics throughout the simulation project lifecycle.

The best programming languages for stochastic modeling and analysis

Stochastic methods have become a vital part of both scientific research and practice, across a wide variety of industries and domains.

Computer models and simulations – the backstory

Simulations are increasingly popular in our hypercompetitive business landscape.

Software developers’ three customers: Enable their success

Begin by asking: (1) Who is “the next person in line”? (2) Who buys our product or service? (3) Who actually uses our product or service?

Operational excellence – the key to low-cost product leadership

Operational excellence tweaks continuous improvement by changing an organization’s focus from how to improve (operations) to why (your business goal).

3 steps to align your strategy with customer outcomes

Leading 21st-century organizations whose products help deliver customer success know the power of aligning themselves with desired customer outcomes.

Understanding the system before simulating it

A flawed understanding of your problem domain can subvert your simulation project from the very start.

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