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The top 4 software development methodologies

Software development and delivery are always changing, based on technology and industry trends.

Rusty cogs representing a Rust programming project

The benefits of the Rust programming language in research

One of the sectors where Rust’s popularity continues to increase is science and research.

Queueing theory for simulation

In one form or another, lines (or queues) are an essential part of our everyday lives.

Historical foundations for computer-based simulations

Today, simulation is widely used in various commercial and non-commercial settings, largely thanks to the accessibility of computer hardware.

Cloud computing with magnifying

Introduction to cloud computing for research

Cloud computing is a double-edged sword – it has both promising perks and worrying drawbacks.

When and why to simulate business processes

The premise of simulation is simple, but many businesses are not sure how simulation can and should help them.

Selecting the optimal statistical programming language for a data science application

Researchers and practitioners should carefully, but quickly, assess the needs of their projects before selecting a statistical programming language.

Relevance of AI in computer-aided design

Today, computer-aided design is on the verge of another revolution.

The most important probability distributions for business process simulation

A crucial step in business process simulation is selecting probability distributions to represent simulation inputs.

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