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A gentle introduction to discrete-event simulation

Despite its relative conceptual simplicity, discrete-event simulation can be a powerful tool in the right hands.

Twin stroller as a representation of twins, more broadly

Applications of digital twins outside manufacturing

Need to test a prototype process in a safe environment before actually implementing it? Digital twins might be able to help!

Conceptual graphic symbolizing DevOps

How can DevOps improve software delivery?

DevOps as a concept is pliable and doesn’t have a strict definition, but companies like Microsoft and Amazon have attempted to formalize and focus it.

Conceptual graphic symbolizing DevOps

What is DevOps?

The Accelerate State of DevOps 2021 report highlights the huge differences between teams with high- and low-performing software delivery.

Cloud graphic with wires coming out of it

Why and how businesses should run simulations in the cloud

Cloud computing is a necessity for researchers and practitioners working on the edge of simulation engineering.

Cog comprised of people, to signify mechanical interaction of agents

Common topologies in agent-based simulation

Whenever it is necessary to identify the emergent behavior of many individual components, agent-based simulation can be an interesting tool.

Statistical inference and hypothesis testing as the basis for accurate simulation

To be able to uncover the full potential of simulation, businesses need to have a quantitative understanding of the systems they are looking to model.

Three robots symbolizing the interaction of agents

A gentle introduction to agent-based simulation

Agent-based simulation is quite different from other, more “traditional” forms of simulation.

Abstract globe representing the application of technology to real-world challenges

Continuous simulation and the software development life cycle

How can software delivery simulation slot into the SDLC and facilitate the realization of business goals?

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