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CI/CD as a driver of software delivery performance

Deployment speed and frequency are paramount to the success of modern businesses.

Enterprise data warehouses as a source of data for simulation

A wide variety of machine learning, data science, and simulation applications can leverage the rich data within a typical enterprise data warehouse.

Common organizational models in software firms

How an organization is structured internally can have a major impact on its business performance.

The top 6 tech industry challenges in 2022 (and perhaps beyond)

Companies should not react to threats as they appear – they should closely monitor industry trends and plan adaptations to them well in advance.

Operational efficiency as a mechanism of talent shortage relief

Operational efficiency could help organizations adapt to current labor shortages and could prompt them to rethink how they do business.

Governance, risk, and compliance for IT business processes

The larger the business, the more demanding the regulatory environment, and the more complex the operations - the more need for a framework like GRC.

How digital natives achieve a competitive edge over incumbent enterprises

How digital natives achieve a competitive edge over incumbent enterprises.

Introduction to continuous-time simulation

For some simulation problems (especially in the natural sciences), continuous state tracking yields great precision and accuracy.

A value-driven approach to digital transformation and business complexity

While it has never been easier and cheaper to digitally transform, quickly unlocking real value is still a complex and challenging task.

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