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The Software Delivery Simulator is powered by a global network of individual and organizational contributors. We embrace cross-organizational collaboration, and believe that the best value-creation networks have no geographic, cultural, or methodological constraints.

Network of connections showing value-creation network

Dramatically simplify engineering process improvement

Our vision is to dramatically simplify process improvement for the most complex software engineering value streams on the planet. To realize this vision, we build domain-tailored solutions that minimize "time to value", maximize depth of insights, and facilitate concrete business outcomes.

Simulator Design

We provide the simulator, but it runs in your browser (only you have access to your data)












Our plan for delivering more value and evolving the platform

Function modeling diagram with input and output flows marked

Analyze processes with a function lens

Analyze input-output flows using a “function modeling”, VSM-like lens

Clock showing value stream process flow over time

Investigate processes with a dynamics lens

Understand and visualize value stream process flows over time, using component models for the software delivery subsystems

Multiple directions for more realistic and insightful simulation

Study stochastic simulation dynamics

Use stochastic behaviors to make simulations more realistic and insightful

Graph analyzed in detail through the magnifying glass

Explore simulations with graphs and visualizations

Investigate simulation runs and results with powerful visualizations

In Progress
Long and detailed paper report

Export simulation reports

Download a CSV file which contains the comprehensive details of a simulation

To Do
Loading raw data for simulation inputs

Leverage input analysis capabilities

Load raw software delivery tooling data, which is processed and used for simulation inputs

To Do
Information processed and analyze into valuable output

Understand processes through an information lens

Explore and analyze input data (e.g., distribution, parameters, goodness-of-fit) and output data (e.g., summary statistics, autocorrelation, hypothesis testing)

To Do
People in organization connected to analyzed processes

Expand simulation insights with an organizational lens

Connect processes and process improvements to the people involved - across the planning, control, and execution levels

To Do
Toolkit for model creation for library of models

Create custom models within a studio environment

Use a model creation studio to build out a library of custom models

To Do

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